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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2010, v 44, Issue 3

Tatarskyy P., Kucherenko A., Livshits L.Allelic polymorphism of F2, F5 and MTHFR genes in population of Ukraine 3-8
Skrypnyk ņ.Molecular phylogeny of representatives of Mycobacterium species based on structural analysis of hypervariable locus A of 16S ribosomal RNA gene 9-15
Alieva V.Sh., Karimov H.Yŗ., Nazarov A.A., Arifov S.S., Boboev K.T.The analysis of polymorphism 49A/G gene CTLA4 association with development of allergic rhinitis16-20
Kravets A.P., Mousseau T.A., OmelíChenko Zh. A., Vengjen G.S.Dynamics of hybrid dysgenesis frequency in Drosophila melanogaster in controlled terms of protracted radiation exposure21-26
Korshikov I.I., Krasnoshtan O.V.Genetic structure of the populations of pallas pine (Pinus pallasiana D. Don) renewed in extreme conditions27-34
Satarova T.N., Cherchel V.Yu.Inheritance of matroclinal haploidy in maizŚ35-40
Andreieva S.V., Drozdova V.D., Kavardakova N.V.Phenomenon of the evolution of clonal chromosomal abnormalities in childhood acute myeloid leukemia41-52
Gubenko I.S., Subbota R.P., Zelentsova E.S.Notch122, mutation of Notch locus Abruptex type in Drosophila virilis : Characteristics of genetic interactions53-57
Belokurova V.B.Methods of biotechnology in the system of efforts for plant biodiversity preservation58-72
Djomina Ň.A., Barilyak I.R.Radiation catastrophies and clinic genetic factors73-81

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