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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2016, v 50, Issue 1

Yemets A.I., Fedorchuk V.V., Blume Ya.B.Enhancement of agrobacterial transformation of plants using protein kinase inhibitors trifluoperazine and genistein 3-11
Farsad A., Esna-Ashari M.Genetic diversity of some iranian sweet cherry (Prunus avium) cultivars using microsatellite markers and morphological traits12-25
Chebotar G.A., Chebotar S.V., Motsnyy I.I.Pleiotropic effects of gibberellin-sensitive and gibberellin-insensitive dwarfing genes in common wheat of the southern step region of Black sea26-35
Srivastava N., Kumar G.Effect of waterlogging stress on meiotic course, tetrad formation and pollen fertility of Sesbania pea36-39
Lykholat T., Lykholat O., Antonyuk S.Immunohistochemical and biochemical analysis of mammary gland tumours of different age patients40-51
Somasundaram D.Pixel sensible local band analysis in microscopic chromosome images using CSPA52-56
Íoriunova ².²., Krasylenko Yu.A., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Involvement of plant cytoskeleton into cellular mechanisms of metals toxicity57-67
Datta A.K., Mandal A., Das D., Gupta S., Saha A., Paul R., Sengupta S.B chromosomes in angiosperm – a review68-79

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