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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2018, v 52, Issue 5

Lykholat Yu.V., Khromykh N.O., Pirko Ya.V., Alexeyeva A.A., Pastukhova N.L., Blume Ya.B.Epicuticular waxes composition of leaves of Tilia L. trees as a marker of adaptation to the climatic conditions of the steppe Dnieper 3-12
Karastan O.M., Muliukina N.A., Papina O.S.Grapes pedigree verification by microsatellite analysis13-27
Bakuma .., Popovych Yu.A., Motsnyy I.I., Chebotar G.O., Chebotar S.V.Effects of Ppd-D1a allele on the developmental rate and agronomical traits of wheat, detected by the aplication of analogue-lines28-40
Manoilov K.Y., Labyntsev A.Ju., Korotkevych N.V., Maksymovych I.S., Kolybo D.V., Komisarenko S.V.Particular features of diphtheria toxin internalization by resistant and sensitive mammalian cells41-50
Lugovoy S.I., Kharzinova V.R., Kramarenko S.S., Lykhach A.V., Kramarenko A.S., Lykhach V.Ya.Lugovoy S.I., Kharzinova V.R., Kramarenko S.S., Lykhach A.V., Kramarenko A.S., Lykhach V.Ya.Genetic polymorphism of microsatellite loci and their association with the reproductive traits of the ukrainian meat breed pigs51-61
Kurinnyi D.A., Rushkovskyi S.R., Demchenko O.M., Dybska O.B., Pilinska M.A.Comparison of the modifying effect of astaxanthin on the development of radiation-induced chromosome instability in human blood lymphocytes, exposed in vitro on different stages of their cell cycle62-68
Kyrychenko A.M., Tsyganenko K.S., Olishevska S.V.Hypovirulence of mycoviruses as an instrument for biotechnological control of fungal plant diseases69-80
Pykalo S.V., Dubrovna .V.Variability of triticale genome in in vitro culture81-90

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