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Otassium transport systems and their role in stress response, plant growth and development

Nestrerenko E.O., Krasnoperova O.E., Isayenkov S.V.


SUMMARY. In this reviewer the K+ transport systems were selected and characterized. Detailed literature analysis and data summarising regarding main members of K+ transport systems, their biological roles in plant growth and developments, mechanisms of abiotic stress tolerance were conducted. The processes of K+ uptake, transport tissue and cellular distribution were described. Structure characteristic and topology of K+ transport proteins, their role in function specificity were analysed. The role of these membrane transport proteins in signaling, drought and salt tolerance or K+ deficiency were critically evaluated. The new perspective directions for further research of K+ transport proteins were suggested.

Key words: potassium transport, two-pore TPK channels, Shaker-like channels, Kir-like channels, nonselective cation channels NCCC, KUP/HAK/KT transporters, Trk/HKT transporters, CPA transporters

Tsitologiya i Genetika 2021, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 75-92

  1. Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics, NAS of Ukraine, Osipovskogo str. 2a, 04123, Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS of Ukraine, Zabolotnogo str. 150, 03143, Kyiv, Ukraine

E-mail: yevheniya.nesterenko, krasnopio524, stan.isayenkov

Nestrerenko E.O., Krasnoperova O.E., Isayenkov S.V. Otassium transport systems and their role in stress response, plant growth and development, Tsitol Genet., 2021, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 75-92.

In "Cytology and Genetics":
E. O. Nestrerenko, O. E. Krasnoperova & S. V. Isayenkov Potassium Transport Systems and Their Role in Stress Response, Plant Growth, and Development, Cytol Genet., 2021, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 6379
DOI: 10.3103/S0095452721010126


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