TSitologiya i Genetika, 2021

Akram M.S., Alvi A.K., Iqbal J.
Enhanced in vitro regeneration in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) by use of alternate high-low picloram doses and thidiazuron supplementation
Alnoura T.M.S., Ullah M.F., Elssaig E.H., Ahmed­Abakur E.H.
Unique SARS­CoV­2 variant exhibiting plenteous missense mutations in structural and nonstructural genes
Amna T., Alghamdi A., Khan R., Hassan M.Sh., Khil M.­S.
Study on effects of Ag­SiO2 core shell nanoparticles on biocompatibility appraisal of myoblasts
Balatsky V.N., Oliinychenko Y.K., Buslyk T.V., Bankovska I.B., Korinnyi S.N., Saienko A.M., Pochernyaev K.F.
Associations of QTL region genes of chromosome 2 with meat quality traits and productivity of ukrainian large white pig breed
Bilal M., Tabassum B., Ali Q., Nasir I.A.
Down regulation of Potato Virus Y (PVY) Coat Protein (CP) expression by Iberis gibraltarica protein extract
Bilonozhko Yu.O., Rabokon A.M., Postovoitova A.S., Kalafat L.O., Privalikhin S.N., Demkovych A.E., Blume Ya.B., Pirko Ya.V.
Intraspecific differentiation of white mistletoe (Viscum album L.) using intron length polymorphism of β-tubulin genes and SSR-analysis
Bohdanovyсh T., Shakhovsky A., Duplij V., Ratushnyak Y., Kuchuk M., Poyedinok N., Matvieieva N.
Effect of the genetic transformation on the antioxidant activity of Althaea officinalis L., Artemisia vulgaris L. and Artemisia tilesii Ledeb. «hairy» roots
Bublyk O., Parnikoza I., Kunakh V.
Level of polymorphism and population differentiation of Iris pumila L. according to three types of PCR-markers
Chornenka N.M., Raetska Ya.B., Huet A.S., Beregova T.V., Savchuk O.M., Ostapchenko L.I.
The level of expression NOS2 and NFKB1 Genes in esophageal alkaline burns and when melanin is administered
Dagmura H., Yigit S., Gumusay O., Nursal A.F., Daldal E., Karakus N.
eNOS and VEGF variants might increase the risk of pancreatic cancer
Daskalova N., Doneva S., Spetsov P.
Genetic Variability in Winter Rye (Secale cereale L.) Accessions at Early Stage of Self-pollination Manifested through Fertility, Plant height and Secalins
Dwivedi K., Kumar K., Kumar G.
Studies on gamma rays induced cyto­morphological variations and procurement of some induced novel mutants in Kalmegh [Andrographis paniculata (Burm F.) Nees.]
Ecevit H., Urhan-Kucuk M., Uluca H., Tap D., Arpaci A.
The role of oxidative stress in apoptosis and cell proliferation of human bronchial epithelial cells
Fedota O.M., Roshcheniuk L.V., Sadovnychenko I.O., Gontar J.V., Merenkova I.M., Vorontsov V.M., Ryzhko P.P.
Genetic study of X-linked recessive ichthyosis in eastern Ukraine
Finiuk N.S., Popovych M.V., Shalai Ya.R., Mandzynets S.M., Grenyukh V.P., Ostapiuk Yu.V., Obushak M.D., Mitina N.E., Zaichenko O.S., Stoika R.S., Babsky A.M.
Antineoplastic activity in vitro of 2-amino-5-benzylthiazole derivative in complex with nanoscale polymeric carriers
Gaponenko M.B., Blum O.B., Kashevarov G.P.
Genetic polymorphism and variability of Anacamptis morio s. l. (Orchidaceae Juss.) population in Ukraine
Gok I., Cetinkunar S.
Pattern of RAD51­G135C polymorphism among eastern mediterranean Turkish population and association with breast cancer
Gurianov D.S., Antonenko S.V., Telegeev G.D.
Colocalization of BCR protein with clathrin, actin, and cortactin suggests its possible role in the regulation of actin branching and clathrin-mediated endocytosis
Ishchenko O.O., Bednarska I.O., Panchuk І.І.
Application of 5S ribosomal DNA for molecular taxonomy of subtribe Loliinae (Poaceae)
Javadi H., Dadkhodaie A., Heidari B.
Molecular marker analysis of stem rust resistance genes in some iranian wheat genotypes
Kamalipooya S., Sabet A., Jouni F.J.
Effect of Co­treatment with static magnetic field and Cis­diamminedichloroplatinum (II) on apoptosis and cell cycle progression in HeLa cell line and Hu02
Karelov A.V., Borzykh O.I., Kozub N.O., Sozinov I.O., Yanse L.A., Sozinova O.I., Tkalenko H.M., Mishchenko L.T., Blume Ya.B.
Current approaches to identification of Fusarium fungi infecting wheat
Khomenko S., Fedorenko M., Chugunkova T.
Inheritance of yield components and heterosis in spring durum wheat hybrids (Triticum durum Desf.)
Khorasani M., Shahbazi S., Abolhasani M., Shahrokh H., R.
Mahdian Expression Profile of MiR­200 Family Members and Their Targets in Prostate Cancer
Kokorev A.I., Kolupaev Yu.E., Yastreb T.O., Horielova E.I., Dmitriev A.P.
Realization of polyamines’ effect on state of pea stomata with involvement of calcium and components of lipid signaling
Kolomiets Yu.V., Hryhoriuk I.P., Butsenko L.M., Yemets A.I., Blume Yu.B.
Nitroprusside sodium as the indicator of tomato plants resistance to bacterial agents
Korzh Yu.V., Zelena L.B., Dragovoz I.V., Avdeyeva L.V.
Taxonomic analysis of the strain Bacillus sp. 20F, a phosphate mobilizer with antagonistic properties
Kravets E.A., Plohovskaya S.G., Horyunova I.I., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.
Sources of chromosomal polymorphism of microsporocytes in species of Lilium L.та Allium L: cytomixis, extra chromosomes, chromatin diminuation
Kulibaba R.O., Liashenko Yu.V.
Analysis of CHD gene polymorphism as a model object for molecular sexing of eurasian owl (Bubo bubo)
Kumar D., Malik N., Sengar R.S., Yadav B., Singh A.K., Yadav C.L., Yadav M.K.
Transcriptional regulation in sugarcane under water deficit during formative growth stage
Kumar L.G., Singh R.
Deciphering enigmatic response of b chromosomes on genetic recombination of Artemisia annua
Kuzmitskaya P.V., Dzmitrieva T.M., Karaleva E.S., Urbanovich O.Yu., Makhanko V.L., Gunko Yu.V.
Genetic diversity of potato virus Y in Belarus
Kyrychenko A.N., Shcherbatenko I.S., Kovalenko A.G.
Viruses of wild plants and modern metagenomic methods of their investigation
Lazaridou Th.B., Mavromatis A.G., Xynias I.N.
Effect of culture medium and mannitol pre-treatment on durum wheat anther culture response
Lezhava T., Buadze T., Mikaia N., Jokhadze T., Sigua T., Gaiozishvili M., Melkadze T.
Epigenetic activation of ribosomal cistrons of the chromatids of the 15th acrocentric chromosome in lung cancer
Liang R., Caraballo­Ortiz M.A., Liu Y., Su X.
Сharacterization of the complete chloroplast genome of Meconopsis puniceA (Papaveraceae), an endemic species from the Qinghai­Tibet plateau in China
Liu Y.-P., Liang R.-F., Lv T., Ma Z.-L., Liu T., Liu F., Su X., Harris A.J.
Development of SSR Markers for Psammochloa villosa (Trin.) Bor (Poaceae), a Dominant Species in the Inner Mongolian Plateau
Livshits L.A., Harashchenko T.A., Umanets T.R., Krasnienkov D.S., Gorodna O.V., Podolskiy Vl.V., Kaminska T.M., Lapshyn V.F., Podolskiy V.V., Antipkin Yu.G.
Relationship between the prevalence of ACE1 I/D polymorphism genotype ii and COVID-19 morbidity, mortality in Ukraine and in some Europe countries
Makukh H.V., Chorna L.B., Tyrkus M.Ya., Akopyan H.R., Shuvarska V.I., Malakhova A.Y., Poliakova Ye.O.
Mutation analysis of the PAH gene in Ukrainian population, a report from west Ukraine region
Mamenko T.P.
Regulation of legume-rhizobial symbiosis: molecular genetic aspects and participation of reactive oxygen species
Matvieieva N.A., Ratushnyak Y.I., Duplij V.P., Shakhovsky A.M., Kuchuk M.V.
Temperature stress response of althaea officinalis «hairy» root lines carrying human interferon α2b gene
Mehri S., Kolbadi I., Shirafkan­ajirlou H.
Species relationship and population differentiation in Erodium (Geranaiceae) species using SCoT molecular markers
Mezhzherin S.V., Chayka Yu.Yu., Vlasenko R.P., Zhalay O.I., Garbar O.V.
The features of the genetic structure of the amphimictic earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) populations within Ukraine
Mohamed S.M., Mohammed D.S., Abd Elhaliem N.G., Elbadry M.I., Abu­Dief E.E.
Mangosteen can improve steatohepatitis through modulating inflammatory and autophagy/apoptosis cellinjury: an animal model study
Morozov-Leononv S.Yu.
Hybrid form Pelophylax esculentus-ridibundus (Amphibia, Ranidae) from the Tisa river drainage: its origin and evolutionary potential
Morozov-Leonov S.Yu.
Evolutionary potential of the hybrid form Pelophylax esculentus-ridibundus (Amphibia, Ranidae) within Dnieper and Desna drainages: its loss caused by the hemiclonal inheritance and the compensatory role of parental genomes recombination
Neeru Kamboj, Bhatnagar A., Yadav A.S.
A study of constitutive heterochromatin and NOR banding in three species of Puntius from the State of Haryana, India
Nestrerenko E.O., Krasnoperova O.E., Isayenkov S.V.
Otassium transport systems and their role in stress response, plant growth and development
Ozsoy F., YIgIt S., Nursal A.F., Kulu M., Karakus N.
The impact of PER3 VNTR polymorphism on the development of schizophrenia in a Turkish population
Petrushko M.P., Buderatska N.O., Gontar J.V., Yurchuk T.O.
Morphological and molecular cytogenetic characteristics of giant human oocytes
Phimphan S., Aiumsumang S., Tanomtong A.
Characterization of Chromosomal and Repetitive Elements in the Genome of Rana nigrovittata (Anura, Ranidae): Revealed by Classical and Molecular Techniques
Pirko Ya. V., Karelov A.V., Kozub N.O., Ivaschuk B.V., Sozinov I.A., Topchii T.V., Morgun V.V., Blume Ya.B.
Identification of resistance genes to yellow rust of asian origin in winter wheat varieties and lines
Polishchuk L.V., Lukyanchuk V.V.
General trends in organization and localization of crt-clusters in streptomycetes genomes
Pushkarev V.V., Sokolova L.K., Chervyakova S.A., Belchina Yu.B., Kovzun O.I., Pushkarev V.M., Tronko M.D.
Plasma apolipoproteins A1/B and oxLDL levels in patients with COVID-19 as possible markers of the disease
Pushkarev V.V., Sokolova L.K., Kovzun O.I., Pushkarev V.M., Tronko M.D.
The role of endoplasmic reticulum stress and NLRP3-inflammasomes in the development of atherosclerosis
Radchenko M.M., Tigunova О.О., Zelena L.B., Beiko N.Ye., Andriiash H.S., Shulga S.M.
Phylogenetic analysis of the strain Bacillus subtilis IFBG MK-2 and production of riboflavin by its induced clones
Rayevsky A., Ozheredov D.S., Samofalova D., Ozheredov S.P., Karpov P.А., Blume Ya.B.
The role of post-translational acetylation in the association of ATG8 autophagia protein with microtubules from plant cells
Razeghi J., Pishtab P.A., Fathi P., Panahi B., Hejazi M.A.
The feasibility of microalgae Dunaliella identification based on conserved regions of mitochondrial cytochrome b and cytochrome oxidase genes
Reis G.B., Mesquita A.T., Andrade­vieira L.F., Azevedo A.L.S., Davide L.C.
Somatic cell alterations in interspecific hybrids of Cenchrus purpureum (Schumach.) and Cenchrus americanus (L.) Morrone by genomic in situ hybridization
Roshka N.M., Cherevatov O.V., Volkov R.А.
Molecular organization and polymorphism of 5S rDNA in carpathian bees
Sahin E.
Putative group I introns in the nuclear internal transcribed spacer of the basidiomycete fungus Gautieria Vittad
Skliar T., Kurahina N., Lavrentieva K., Burlaka V., Lykholat T., Lykholat O.
Mobile genetic elements (MGE) of bacteria and their hierarchy
Sokolik V.V., Berchenko O.G., Kolyada O.K., Shulga S.M.
Direct and an indirect effect of liposomal miR-101 on cellular model of alzheimer’s disease
Tarasjuk S.I., Zamorov V.V., Zaloilo O.V., Bielikova О.Iu., Radionov D.B.
Genetic differentiation of the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) from certain localities of the Black and Azov Sea basin using microsatellite loci
Thanh N.T.N., Tram P.B., Tuyet N.H.H., Uyen N.H.P., Tien L.T.M., Anh D.N., Van L.T.T., Luan H.H., Hue N.T.
Association of polymorphisms in genes involved in DNA repair and cell cycle arrest with breast cancer in a vietnamese case­control cohort
Tistechok S.I., Tymchuk I.V., Korniychuk O.P., Fedorenko V.O., Luzhetskyy A.M., Gromyko O.M.
Genetic identification and antimicrobial activity of Streptomyces sp. strain Je 1–6, isolated from rhizosphere soil of Juniperus excelsa Bieb.
Torgomyan A., Saroyan M.
Inflammatory and anti­inflammatory cytokine activity in the cartilage cells of genetically modified mice
Yarema N., Boyarchuk O., Chornomydz I., Panasiuk Y.
Abnormalities in the number and structure of chromosomes, associated with immunodeficiencies
Yuksel B., Aksoy O., Kutluk T.
Molecular and spectroscopic evaluation of the effects of coumarin on lentil
Zemskova O.V., Kurinnyi D.A., Rushkovsky S.R., Demchenko O.M., Romanenko M.G, Glavatsky O.Ya, Klymenko S.V.
Тhe development of tumor-induced bystander effect and radiosensitivity of glioblastoma patients' peripheral blood lymphocytes with with different status of the MGMT gene in tumor cells
Zhu-Mei Ren, Yu-Jie Xu
Complete mitochondrial genome of Bubo bubo (Aves, Strigiformes, Strigidae), a national protected wildlife bird in China