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Identification of genotypes with recombinant arm 1RS in bread wheat segregating F5 populations from crosses between carriers of 1BL.1RS AND 1AL.1RS

Kozub N.O., Sozinov I.O., Bidnyk H.Ya., Demianova N.O., Sozinova O.I., Karelov A.V., Borzykh O.I., Blume Ya.


SUMMARY. Wheat-rye translocations involving arm 1RS are widespread introgressions among commercial bread wheat cultivars: 1BL.1RS from the rye Petkus (as in the cultivar Kavkaz) and 1AL.1RS from the rye Insave (as in Amigo). Genotypes with recombinant arm 1RS involved in the translocation can carry new combinations of resistance genes in the chromosome region flanked by the loci Sec-1 (Gli-R1) and Sec-N, which is located distal to Sec-1 at a distance of 1020 cM. The aim of this investigation was to study the frequency of genotypes with recombinant 1RS arms involved in wheat-rye translocations in segregating F5 populations from crossing bread wheat carriers of translocations 1BL.1RS and 1AL.1RS. Samples of F5 seeds from the crosses Myronivska 67 (M67) × Kolumbiia, Kolumbiia × M67, B-16 × Smuhlianka, and Smuhlyanka × B-16 served as the material for the investigation. The cultivar M67 and the line B-16 carry 1BL.1RS as in the cultivar Kavkaz; Smuhlianka and Kolumbiia carry 1AL.1RS as in the cultivar Amigo. Electrophoresis of alcoholsoluble grain proteins and identification of alleles at the Gli-A1/Gli-R1, Gli-B1/Gli-R1 loci were used to identify translocations involving 1RS and their position (on 1AL or 1BL). Sec-N alleles were identified by SDS electrophoresis. The presence of recombination products between the 1RS arms was determined based on the change of the chromosomal position of the respective allele at Gli-R1 (Sec-1) and Sec-N. In the segregating populations, there were five of six theoretically possible variants of genotypes with recombinant arm 1RS with respect to the secalin loci. The total frequency of genotypes with the simultaneous presence of two translocations ranged from 3.3 to 18.0 %, and the total frequency of genotypes with one identified recombinant arm 1RS was 5.730.5 %. The highest frequency of genotypes with recombinant arm 1RS was found in the population M67 × Kolumbiia.

Tsitologiya i Genetika 2022, vol. 56, no. 5, pp. 52-60

  1. Institute of Plant Protection of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, 03022, 33, Vasylkivska St., Kyiv
  2. Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 04123, 2 a, Osypovskogo St., Kyiv

E-mail: natalkozub

Kozub N.O., Sozinov I.O., Bidnyk H.Ya., Demianova N.O., Sozinova O.I., Karelov A.V., Borzykh O.I., Blume Ya. Identification of genotypes with recombinant arm 1RS in bread wheat segregating F5 populations from crosses between carriers of 1BL.1RS AND 1AL.1RS, Tsitol Genet., 2022, vol. 56, no. 5, pp. 52-60.

In "Cytology and Genetics":
N. O. Kozub, I. O. Sozinov, H. Ya. Bidnyk, N. O. Demianova, O. I. Sozinova, A. V. Karelov, O. I. Borzykh & Ya. B. Blume Identification of Genotypes with Recombinant Arm 1RS In Bread Wheat Segregating F5 Populations from Crosses Between Carriers of 1BL.1RS and 1AL.1RS, Cytol Genet., 2022, vol. 56, no. 5, pp. 441448
DOI: 10.3103/S0095452722050061


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