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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1998, v 32, Issue 2

Tverdokhleb I.V.The heterogeneity of the myocardial mitochondrial apparatus and the mechanisms of its formation in the early ontogeny of rats 8-12
Glazko T.T., Semikhodskiy A.N., Glazko G.V.The interrelations between karyotypic stability and interchromosomal associations in mammalian cells31-41
Levchuk L.V., Tots’kyy V.M.Chromosome substitution and genotype adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster42-48
Mozzhukhina TG, Azarskova M.V., Litoshenko A.Ia.The cytofluorimetric analysis of the nuclei in the regenerating rat liver in the late periods after x-ray irradiation49-56
Chukhriy B.M., Klevets’ L.O., Chaĭkovs’ka O.I.The blood groups of bulls as genetic markers of sperm quality74-79
Boroday N.V., Nosa P.P., Penezina O.P.The content of DNA in the oral mucosal epitheliocytes and the expression of oncofetal antigens on the peripheral blood T-lymphocytes of women with breast dysplasias80-87
Mayboroda S.N.The variability and heritability of the indices of speed and exterior characters in horses of the Orlov trotter breed88-91
Balatskiy V.N., Lisovskiy I.L.The genetic polymorphism of somatotropin92-104

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