TSitologiya i Genetika, 1998, no. 3

Naleskina L.A., Petunin Iu.I., Kliushin D.A.
The prognostic significance of cytogenetic, morphological and clinical indices in patients with malignant skin melanoma
Il’inskikh N.N., Il’inskikh E.N., Il’inskikh I.N.
A decrease in the level of erythrocytes with micronuclei under the influence of pyrimidine and thiazolidine derivatives in the blood of persons who came under radiation exposure as a result of the accident at the Siberian Chemical Combine
Boyko A.L., Stepaniuk S.A., Garifulin O.M.
An analysis of the cDNA nucleotide sequence for the C-terminal fragment of the coat protein in tobacco mosaic virus isolates from tobacco growing in an ecological niche of Polesye, Ukraine
Komarnyts’kyy S.I., Komarnyts’kyy I.K., Cox A., Parokonnyy A.S.
The evolution of the sequences of the internal spacer of nuclear ribosomal DNA for American species in the genus Nicotiana
Vinnichuk D.T.
The testing of bulls for the polledness gene
Evsikov A.V., Solomko A.P.
Changes in the cavitation start time in chimeric CB6F1 <--> BALB/c embryos
Kovalenko V.P., Bolelaia S.Iu., Boroday V.P.
The prediction of the breeding value of poultry from the intensity of the early ontogeny processes
Kotsiubenko A.A.
The components of the phenotypic dispersion of the basic typological traits and of work capacity in horses of the Ukrainian saddle breed
Glazko V.I., Oblap R.V., Iasinetskaia N.A., Kushnir A.N.
The intraspecific differentiation of Przhewalski’s horse and the domestic horse by 5 molecular genetic markers