TSitologiya i Genetika, 2000, no. 4

Bariliak I.R., Frolov V.M., Pinskiy LL, Topol’nitskiy V.S.
Cytogenetic disorders iin patients with chronic hepatitis B and C
Livshyts L.A.
A molecular genetic analysis of the mutations in the exons of the CFTR gene in cystic fibrosis patients in Ukraine
Shemetun O.V., Pidlins’ka M.A., Shemetun H.M.
The distribution of radiation-induced breaks in the chromosomes of irradiated subjects
Larchenko E.A., Morgun V.V.
A comparative analysis of plant hereditary variability during mutagenic treatment of the generative cells and seeds of corn
Lial’ko I.I., Dubrovnaia O.V.
The manifestation of the determinative growth trait in the shoots of fodder beet seed plants
Rybak D.A., Bober A.F., Kramar A.S.
The genetic polymorphism of the dioeciousness trait in the fodder beet
Babaiants L.T., Dubinina L.A., Iushchenko G.M.
The detection of nonallelic to known genes of resistance to Tilletia caries (DC) Tul. in wheat strains from interspecific hybridization (Triticum aestivum x Aegilops cylindrica)
Sulima Iu.Iu., Kalendar’ R.N., Sivolap Iu.M.
The mapping of the barley genome by RAPD analysis using double haploid strains
Steklenev E.P.
The morphogenetic characteristics of the gametes and the physiological features of animal reproduction in relation to their hydridization