TSitologiya i Genetika, 2003, no. 3

Galaev A.V., Babajantz L.T., Sivolap Yu.M.
Detection of the introgression of genome elements of Aegilops cylindrica Host. into Triticum aestivum L. genome with ISSR-analysis
Dmitriev A., Tena M., Jorrin J.
Systemic acquired resistance in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Gontarovski V.A.
The complementary interaction of Rf-genes in the cytoplasm of CMS maize of the moldavian type
Kovalenko O.G., Shepelevitch V.V.
Shepelevitch V.V. The changes in ultrastructure and protein metabolism of tobacco plants injured by tomato bronzing virus
Kravtchuk Zh.M., Perkovska G.Yu., Dmitriev A.P.
The role of active forms of oxygen in the induction of phytoalexin synthesis in Allium cepa cells
Korshikov I.I., Morozova N.N., Pirko YA.V.
Genetic control of Silver fir izozymes (Abies alba Mill.) of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains
Waisserman A.M., Litoshenko A.Ya., Kvitnitzkaja-Ryzhova T.Yu., Koshel N.M., Mozzhukhina T.G., Mihalski S.A., Voitenko V.P.
Molecular and cellular aspects of radiation hormesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Sanamjan M.F.
Cytogenetic effects of the treatment of cotton seeds with thermal neutrons
Pilinska M.A., Dybsky S.S., Dybska O.B., Pedan L.R.
Results of cytogenetic study of children from radionuclid contaminated goitre endemic zone of the Rivne region of Ukraine
Evseeva T.I., Geraskin S.A., Khramova E.S.
Comparative evaluation of early and long-term plant cell reactions under the combination of short-time and chronic impact of 232Th and Cd
Ternovska T.K., Vdovichenko ZH.V.
Dependence of results of genetic analysis of self-pollinating cereal species on the specificity of the mapping population