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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2004, v 38, Issue 2

Fayt V.I., Stelmakh A.F.Inheritance of heading date in crosses of wheat cultivars responsive to light intensity 3-8
Korshikov I.I., Kalafat L.A.Comparative study of allozyme polymorphism in the samples of Pinus sylvestris L. trees with different seed productivity 9-14
Solodenko A.E., Sanalatiy A.V., Sivolap Yu.M.Indentification of sunflower genotypes with microsatellite markers15-19
Soroka A.I.Influence of nutrient medium composition on callusogenesis and regeneration in anther culture of oil flax20-25
Potemkina N.V., Egorova N.A., Bugara A.M.Cytogenetic investigation of geranium plants obtained in tissue culture26-30
Spiridonova L.N., Krjukov A.P.Genetic variability and differentiation of carrion crows, hooded crows and their hybrids according to RAPD-PCR analysis31-39
Agabeyli R.A., Casimova T.E., Alekperov U.K.Antimutagene activity of plant extracts from Armoracia rusticana, Ficus carica, Zea mays and peroxidase in eucariotic cells40-45
Matyukov V.S.Intrapopulation differentiation of cholmogoric purebred cattle for gene frequencies of kappa-caseine locus46-50
Alekseenko O.I.Cytogenetic features of differential diagnostics of lymphoid thymomas, small-cell non-Hodgkinís lymphomas and undifferentiated small cell carcinoma of lung51-54
Petrushko M.P., Grishchenko V.I., Erogova N.N., Pinyaev V.I.Premature condensation of sperm chromosomes in human oocytes fertilized in vitro55-59
Zhadan I.A.Comparative analysis of the frequencies and types of chromosome aberrations during maternal-fetus infections60-64
Shilina Yu.V., Molozhava O.S.Modifications of lipopolysaccharides as one of the ways of adaptation of pathogenic bacteria cells and their populations to biotic and abiotic environmental factors65-80

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