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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2012, v 46, Issue 3

Pokotylo I.V., Kretinin S.V., Kravets V.S.Role of phospholipase D in metabolism reactions of transgenic tobacco cax1 cells under salinity stress 3-9
Antonyuk M.Z., Prokopyk D.O., Martynenko V.S., Ternovska T.K.Identification of genes that promote awnedness in the Triticum aestivum/Aegilops umbellulata introgressive line10-19
Brykov V.╬., Generozova I.P., Shugaev A.G.Ultrastructure and metabolic activity of pea mitochondria under clinorotatio20-26
Matvieieva N.A., Shahovsky └.╠., Kuchuk ╠.V.Features of lettuce transgenic plants with ifnşα2b gene regenerated after Agrobacterium rhizogenesşmediated transformation27-32
Kolesnik D.L., Pyaskovskaya O.N., Tregubova N.A., Solyanik G.I.Lewis lung carcinoma variant with high sensitivity to antitumor antiangiogenic therapy reveals a high capacity to autophagy33-40
Toptikov V.A., Diachenko L.F., Totsky V.M.Oxidoreductases expression and proteins storage in wheat and spring cereals under extremal temperature condition41-54
Demchuk O.M., Karpov P.A., Blume Ya.B.Docking of lowmolecular ligands on the plant FtsZprotein with application of CUDAaccelerated calculations55-64
Shablii V.A., Lukash L.L., Lobintseva G.S.The role of some interactions of cells of donor and host under the influence of the microenvironment in regeneration process65-74
Kravets E.Cytomixis, its nature, significance and the cytological consequences75-85

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