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The complete mitochondrial genome of the Rhus gall aphid Nurudea shiraii (hemiptera : aphididae : eriosomatinae)

Shuanqin Yue, Jun Wen, Zhumei Ren


Nurudea shiraii, a member of Rhus gall aphids, lives on the primary host-plant Rhus to form galls, which are rich in tannins widely utilized in the different fields. In this study, we performed the sequencing and analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) of the Rhus gall aphid N. shiraii. The mitogenome sequence is 15,389 bp in length with a high A + T content of 84.1%, containing 13 protein-coding genes, two rRNA genes, 22 tRNA genes, and one non-coding control region (D-loop). All protein-coding genes start with a typical ATN codon and terminate with a TAA codon except COI, and ND4 and ND5 by a single T residue. The phylogeny of Aphididae suggests that Nurudea shiraii is sister clade to the clade of the other two Rhus gall aphids Schlechtendalia chinensis and Melaphis rhois with the present sampling scheme.

Key words: Nurudea shiraii; Mitochondrion; Genome

Tsitologiya i Genetika 2019, vol. 53, no. 4, pp. 68-69

  1. School of Life Science, Shanxi University, 92 Wucheng Road, Taiyuan Shanxi 030006, China
  2. Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, MRC-166, P.O. Box 37012, Washington, DC 20013-7012, U.S.A

E-mail: zmren, renzhum

Shuanqin Yue, Jun Wen, Zhumei Ren The complete mitochondrial genome of the Rhus gall aphid Nurudea shiraii (hemiptera : aphididae : eriosomatinae), Tsitol Genet., 2019, vol. 53, no. 4, pp. 68-69.

In "Cytology and Genetics":
Shuanqin Yue, Jun Wen, Zhumei Ren The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Rhus Gall Aphid Nurudea shiraii (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Eriosomatinae), Cytol Genet., 2019, vol. 53, no. 4, pp. 321324
DOI: 10.3103/S009545271904011X


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