TSitologiya i Genetika, 1990

Mendel’s Discovery is 125 Years
Aizenzon M. G., Stolina M. R.
Comparative Analysis of Mutational Variability and Instability of Drosophila melanogaster thi and Bd Strains Induced by Exogenous Viral DNA
Arutyunyan R. M., Tumanyan E. R., Sherinyan G. S.
Analysis of Micronuclei in the Mucous Oral Cavity to Estimate Cytogenetic Effect of Environmental Cavities
Asadov Sh. A.
A Relation between Kinship Marriages and Longevity in Azerbaijan
Babaev M. Sh., Zoz N. N., Rusina I. F., Morozova I. S., Dorofeev A. N., Lapteva K. I., Laptev A. B., Stom D. I.
Antimutagenic Effect of Certain Natural Preparations
Babaev M. Sh., Zoz N. N., Serebryany A. M., Morozova I. S.
Hydroquinone Effect on the Common Wheat Plants Under Field Conditions
Bannikova V. P., Barabanova E. A.
Induction and Histological Peculiarities of Somatic Embryogenesis in Cereal Tissue Culture
Bannikova V. P., Maistrov P. D., Barabanova E. A., Kravets E. A., Kolyuchaya G. S.
Increase in Efficiency of the Remote Hybridization of Cereals by the Embryoculture Method
Bannikova V. P., Morgun V. V., Maistrov P. D., Barabanova E. A., Logvinenko V. F., Karpets A. I.
Effect of Nitrosomethylurea on the Callus Formation and Regeneration Processes in the Wheat Embryos Cultivated in Vitro
Bannikova V. P., Plyushch T. A.
Mergence of Gamete Nuclei and Polar Nuclei in Flowering Plants
Baranov V. S., Brzobogaty B., Tsymbalenko N. V., Tadlichek L., Gorbunova V. N., Kazakova T. B., Kovach L., Bodya K.
Possibility of Incorporation of Macro-molecules Including Exogenous DNA into Sex Cells Liposome Method and Ca-P Coprecipitation Method
Baranov V. S., Gapala I., Griach P., Kovach L., Boda K.
Incorporation of Sex Cells of Mouse Males by Electroporation and Dimethylsulphoxide
Bebyakin V. M., Krupnova O. V.
Genotypic Stipulation of SDS-Index in Spring Common Wheat
Belostosky D. A., Kolchinsky A. M., Ananiev E. V.
Genome Organization and Localization of HvRT-Family of Repetitive Barley DNA Sequences on Chromosomes
Belostotsky D. A., Milshina N. V., Ananiev E. V.
Cloning of «Residual» DNA and Determination of the Primary Structure for the Barley-Specific Family Fragments of Tandem-Repetitive Sequences
Berdinskikh N. K., Osipova L. A., Korol D. R., Nemly N. I., Umansky V. Yu.
Influence of Ceruplasmin of Proliferation of Hepatocytes in the Regeneration Rat Liver
Bozhkov A. I., Dluboskaya V. L., Shereshevskaya Ts. M., Menzyanova N. G.
Genetic Differences in the Microsomal Activity of Rats
Burd S. B., Klimenko V. V.
Recombination Nodules in Spread Synaptonemal Complexes of Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) Spermatocytes
Buzhievskaya T. I.
Review on Book «Human Heredity and Environmental Mutagens» by N. P. Bochkov, A. N. Chebotarev
Buzhievskaya T. I., Vygovskaya T. V.
Human Aneuploidy (Facts and Hypotheses)
Chebotarev E. E., Demina E. A.
Modifying Action of Caffeine on the Effect of Rapid Neurons in Human Cells
Chernyakova N. E., Shtompel R. I., Taranenko G. S.
Variability of Milk Production Level of Simmental and Steppe Breed Cows in the Evaluation of Different Ranks of Species Gene Pool
Chugunkova T. V., Davidenko N. S., Shevtsov I. A.
Nonuniformal Decrease of Sugar Beet Chromosomes During Mitosis
Demina E. A., Chernichenko V. A., Chebotarev E. E., Gulko G. M.
Cytogenetic Effects of 22 MeV of Neutrons
Dubrova Yu. E., Suskov I. I.
Joint Variability of Anthropometric Characters and Biochemical Markers of Genes in Newborns
Dugan A. M., Zhurkov V. S., Abilev S. K.
Criteria of Allowance for the Mutagenic Effectors in Ames Test
Dyutin K. E., Sokolov S. D.
Spontaneous Mutant of Watermelon with Male Sterility
Eliseeva K. G., Ploskaya M. V., Voitovich A. M.
Polymorphism by Additional Chromosomes in Rana temporaria L. Populations
Ganina K. P., Boiko Yu. V.
Application of DNA Acid Hydrolysis Curves to Reveal DNA Tumour Cell Profile Characteristics
Ganina K. P., Isakova L. M.
Results and Prospects of Studies in Interphase Nucleus of Eucaryotes
Ganina K. P., Naleskina L. A., Kireeva S. S.
Studies in Caryotype and Chromatin of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes in Patients with Pigmental Skin Nevi
Gershenzon S. M.
Review on Book «Origin and Development of Genetics» by A. E. Gaisinovich
Golda D. M.
F. G. Dobrzhansky (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birth)
Golda D. M., Dibrova L. S., Bezrukov V. F.
Cytological Preparations of S. G. Navashin in Botanical Museum of the Kiev University
Golovina M. E., Chebotarev A. N.
Mathematical Model of Proliferous Kinetics of Cells Labelled by Brominated DNA Precursors
Golovina M. E., Chernyshova N. A., Chebotarev A. N.
Quantitative Estimation of Changes in Proliferation of Human Lymphocyte Culture After Treatment with Mutagens at G0 Stage
Grafodatsky A. S., Sharshov A. A., Biltueva L. S., Popov V. A.
Caryotype of Bison (Bison bonasus L.)
Guskov E. P., Guskova S. I., Shimanskaya E. I., Skurat T. P.
Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygenation on the Somatic and Spermatogenic Rat Cells
Ignatieva T. V., Chebotar N. A., Dyban A. P.
Transformation of Mammalian Genome and Teratogenic Activity of Chloridine
Ilinskikh N. N., Kudryavtsev D. P., Perepechaev L. Ya., Ilinskikh I. N.
A Relation of the Amount of Erythrocytes with Micronuclei to Immunological Human Status
Khalikov P. Kh.
The Level of Chromosome Mutations in the Bone Marrow Cells of Wild Mice Caught in the Zone of Intensive Pesticide Application
Khashimov D. A., Dzhalilov B. D., Yuldashev P. Kh., Alikhodzhaeva S. S., Egamberdiev A. E., Shoakhmedova G. S., Sozinov A. A.
Comparative Studies in Proteins of Wild Cotton Seeds
Kovalenko V. P., Yaremenko V. I.
Determination of Adaptation Standard of Swine Breeds under Conditions of Industrial Complex
Kovalenko V. P., Yaremenko V. I.
Additive, Heterosis and Maternal Effects in Different Methods of Crossing in Swine Breeding
Kozachenko M. R., Manzyuk V. T.
Modifiers of the Inducing Rate of Mutations in Barley
Kulachkovsky A. R., Titorenko V. I., Sibirny A. A.
Electron-Microscopic Examination of Pichia pinus Yeast Mutants with a Block of Different Stages of Ethanol Metabolism
Kuzmenko S. P., Ataeva D. M., Gandilyan P. A.
Comparative Studies of T. dicoccoides and T. dicoccum Chromosomes by the Differential Staining Method
Leibovich B. A., Kurenova E. V., Danilevskaya O. N.
Variability of Telomere and Some Internal Regions of Drosophila Chromosomes in Intensity of Hybridization in situ with Labelled Probes
Lisovskaya T. P., Korol A. B.
Intra- and Interchromosomal Distribution of Chiasmata in Tomato
Lobachev Yu. V., Krupnov V. A.
Allelic Relations and Effects of Six Reduced Height Genes in Wheat
Lyalko I. I., Shevtsov I. A., Pary F. N.
Production and Studies of Fertility Reducers in Sugar Beet During Inbreeding
Martirosyan S. N., Mikaelyan S. G., Beglaryan N. P., Bagdasaryan A. M.
Comparative Cytogenetic Analysis of Gibberellin and Solid Green Action on Tobacco in M1 and M2
Marzanov N. S., Silantiev A. N., Lyutskanov P. I.
Characteristic of Genetic Relations Between Different Breeds and Crosses of Sheep
Mashurov A. M., Kachura V. S., Podoba B. E., Tsiluiko G. A., Romanov L. M., Sorokovoi P. F., Berdichevsky N. S., Ukhanov S. V., Cherkashchenko V. I., Yakovlev V. S., Shvetsova T. P.
Genetic Aspects of Microphylogeny of the Ukrainian Beef Breed and Ways of Its Perfection
Midyan S. A., Okoev G. G., Mirzoyan A. S., Vanetsyan A. S., Kazanchyan N. V., Kyandaryan I. G.
Studies of Fetus Chromosomes in the First Trimestry of Pregnancy
Mitichashvili R. S., Tikhonov V. N.
Immunogenetic Variability While Selecting Stud and Aboriginal Breeds of Pigs
Movsesyan E. S., Sarkisyan T. F., Arutyunyan R. M.
Cytogenetic Effect of Natural Mutagenesis Modifiers in the Culture of Human Lymphocytes: Modification of the Mutagenic Effect by Recombinant Interferon in vitro in Lymphocytes of Patients with Bronchial Asthma and in Healthy Donors
Novozhilov O. V., Levenko B. A.
Production of Cell Lines of Alfalfa Resistant to Thiazolidine Carboxylic Acid
Numerova O. M., Pershina L. A., Shumny V. K.
Peculiarities of Meiosis of Barley-Wheat Hybrids (H. vulgare x T. timopheevi Zhuk.) and Their Progenies from Alien Crossings
Palilova A. N., Orlov P. A., Kintya P. K., Shcherban E. D., Balashova N. N., Balashova I. T.
Morphometric Estimation of the Structure of Tobacco Plant Chloroplasts under the Action of Steroid Glycoside and Virus Infection
Paton E. B., Zhyvoloup A. N., Kroupskaya I. V.
Studies of the Ability to Inhibit E. coli rplj Gene Expression by Antisense RNA
Pavlova N. A.
Effect of the Environmental Factors on the Expression of Such Characters as «Absence of Waxy Coating» and «Violet Grain» in Spring Wheat Plants
Peremyslova E. E., Shkutina F. M.
Cytoembryological Analysis of Low Efficiency to Produce Hybrid Forms during Interspecies and Intergeneric Hybridazation of T. aestivum
Pershina L. A., Numerova O. M., Belova L. I., Devyatkina E. P., Shumny V. K.
Production and Characteristic of H. vulgare x T. timopheevi Zhuk. Hybrids and Their Progenies
Polishchuk L. Z., Nesina I. P.
Cytogenetic Changes in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Oncological Patients
Pomerantseva M. D., Testov B. V., Ramaia L. K., Shevchenko V. A., Chekhovich A. V.
Genetic Disturbances in Laboratory Mice Exposed in the Chernobyl APP Area
Ralko V. P.
Effect of Triticum timopheevi Zhuk. Cytoplasm on Quantitative Characters of Wheat Hybrids of the First Generation
Rekhter M. D., Mironov A. A.
Reparative Regeneration of the Rat Aortic Bifurcation Endothelium During Cryodestruction
Romanova A. B., Ataev D. M., Shcherbak V. S., Chumak M. V.
Intralinear Polymorphism of the Structure of Heterochromatin Segments in Maize Lines
Rusanovskaya E. G., Krivov N. V., Lysikov V. N.
On Factors Complicating Cg2 Gene Mapping
Sadovsky Yu. P., Shevchenko S. I.
Interaction of Rickettsia-Like Bacteria with Root Meristema Cells at the Initial Phase of the Infections Process
Sharshov A. A., Grafodatsky A. S.
New Rearrangement of Chromosomes in Cattle
Shkvarnikov P. K.
Cytological Study of Plants Grown under the Effect of Different Radiation Levels
Shparyk Ya. V., Shloma D. V.
Genetic Mechanisms for Regulation of the Natural Killer Cells Function 57 Abstracts of Deposited Articles
Sidorov V. A., Morgun V. V., Logvinenko V. F., Matveeva N. A.
Isolation and Characteristic of Wheat Mutants Resistant to S-Aminoethylcystein, Lysine and Threonine
Siratsky I. Z.
Hereditary Conditionality of Reproducibility of Stud Bulls
Slozina N. M., Neronova E. G.
Chromosome Disorders in the Rat Oocytes After Stress Effect in the Preovulatory Period
Solovieva L. V.
The Number of Chloroplasts in Closing Cells of Stomas as an Index of the Ploidy Level in Apple Seedlings
Sorochinsky B. V., Prokhnevsky A. I., Grodzinsky D. M., Kuchuk N. V.
Immunofluorescent Microscopy of Cytoskeleton Components in the Plant Cells
Steklenev E. P.
Peculiarities of Direct and Reverse Crosses of Bison (Bison bison bison L.) with Domestic Cow (Bos [Bos] taurus typicus) and Characteristic of Hybrid Generation
Steklenev E. P., Rozhkov Yu. I.
Genetic Variability of Amylase Isozymes of Hybrids between Musk (Cairina moshata) and Domestic (Anas platyrhynchos) Ducks as Against the Initial Species
Stepanova L. S.
Studies in Cytogenetic Activity of Cyclophos and Alvison Pesticides, Their Components and Metabolites
Strochkova L. S.
Ultrastructural Examinations of HeLa Cells Exposed to Cadmium Ions
Subbotin S. A.
Ultrastructural Changes in Root Cells of Citrus sinensis Caused by Citrus Nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans
Sych Z. D., Sych I. M.
Informative Value of Watermelon Characters under Conditions of the Northern Steppe of the Ukraine
Tikhankov I. A., Gontarovsky V. A.
The Tapetal and Sporogenic Tissues in the Maize Anthers with the Bolivian Type of CMS
Tivari Sh., Kolumbaeva S., Rakhimbaev I.
Cytogenetic Heterogeneity of Androgenic Barley Calli
Volgareva G. M., Safronova L. D.
Studies in Synaptonemal Complexes of Vaccinated Mice
Yaremenko V. I.
Age and Genotypic Variability of Blood Serum Enzymes in Pigs Bred in Industrial Complex
Zalinyan G. G., Arutyunyan R. M., Sarkisyan G. G.
Cytogenetic Effect of Natural Mutagenesis Modifiers in the Culture of Human Lymphocytes. Aminobenzamide Effect During Induction of Chromosome Aberrations by Gibberellic Acid
Zharkov N. A.
Anomaly of Meiosis in Wheat Milturum 553 Monosomic for Chromosome 3D
Zhirov E. G., Ternovskaya T. K., Bessarab K. S.
Mixing of Genomes in Triticeae Tribe. Genome D of Common Wheat and Genomes of Agropyron glaucum
Zhuchenko A. A., Preigel I. A., Zavertailo T. F., Dankov T., Skorpan V. G.
Dependence of Heterosis in F1 and Variability Spectrum in F2 on the Genotype of Parental Forms in Maize
Zinchuk V. S.
Comparative Characteristic of the Activity Localization of Alkaline Phosphatase and Oubain-Sensitive, Potassium-Dependent p-Nitrophenylphosphatase in the Miocardium of White Rats at the Ultrastructural Level