TSitologiya i Genetika, 1990, no. 4

Solovieva L. V.
The Number of Chloroplasts in Closing Cells of Stomas as an Index of the Ploidy Level in Apple Seedlings
Golovina M. E., Chernyshova N. A., Chebotarev A. N.
Quantitative Estimation of Changes in Proliferation of Human Lymphocyte Culture After Treatment with Mutagens at G0 Stage
Chugunkova T. V., Davidenko N. S., Shevtsov I. A.
Nonuniformal Decrease of Sugar Beet Chromosomes During Mitosis
Tivari Sh., Kolumbaeva S., Rakhimbaev I.
Cytogenetic Heterogeneity of Androgenic Barley Calli
Zhirov E. G., Ternovskaya T. K., Bessarab K. S.
Mixing of Genomes in Triticeae Tribe. Genome D of Common Wheat and Genomes of Agropyron glaucum
Martirosyan S. N., Mikaelyan S. G., Beglaryan N. P., Bagdasaryan A. M.
Comparative Cytogenetic Analysis of Gibberellin and Solid Green Action on Tobacco in M1 and M2
Babaev M. Sh., Zoz N. N., Rusina I. F., Morozova I. S., Dorofeev A. N., Lapteva K. I., Laptev A. B., Stom D. I.
Antimutagenic Effect of Certain Natural Preparations
Novozhilov O. V., Levenko B. A.
Production of Cell Lines of Alfalfa Resistant to Thiazolidine Carboxylic Acid
Sych Z. D., Sych I. M.
Informative Value of Watermelon Characters under Conditions of the Northern Steppe of the Ukraine
Ralko V. P.
Effect of Triticum timopheevi Zhuk. Cytoplasm on Quantitative Characters of Wheat Hybrids of the First Generation
Pavlova N. A.
Effect of the Environmental Factors on the Expression of Such Characters as «Absence of Waxy Coating» and «Violet Grain» in Spring Wheat Plants
Demina E. A., Chernichenko V. A., Chebotarev E. E., Gulko G. M.
Cytogenetic Effects of 22 MeV of Neutrons
Pomerantseva M. D., Testov B. V., Ramaia L. K., Shevchenko V. A., Chekhovich A. V.
Genetic Disturbances in Laboratory Mice Exposed in the Chernobyl APP Area
Yaremenko V. I.
Age and Genotypic Variability of Blood Serum Enzymes in Pigs Bred in Industrial Complex
Belostosky D. A., Kolchinsky A. M., Ananiev E. V.
Genome Organization and Localization of HvRT-Family of Repetitive Barley DNA Sequences on Chromosomes
Bebyakin V. M., Krupnova O. V.
Genotypic Stipulation of SDS-Index in Spring Common Wheat
Ganina K. P., Boiko Yu. V.
Application of DNA Acid Hydrolysis Curves to Reveal DNA Tumour Cell Profile Characteristics
Golda D. M.
F. G. Dobrzhansky (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birth)