TSitologiya i Genetika, 2001, no. 2

Dovgalyuk A.I., Kalinyak T.B., Blume Ya.B.
Cytogenetic Effects of Toxic Metal Salts on Apical Meristem Cells of Allium cepa L. Seeding Roots
Kostenko S.А., Buntova Е.G, Glazko Т.Т.
Species Specifity of Karyotype Instability under Conditions of Radionuclide Contamination (the Chernobyl NPP) in Voles Microtus oeconomus, Microtus arvalis, Clethrionomys glareolus
Glazko V.I., Zwierzchowski L., Oblap R.V., Tarasyuk S.I.
Genetic Structure of the Local Ukrainian Cattle Breeds.
Ganina K.P., Peresun’ko A.P., Glushchenko N.N.
Clinic-Genealogical and Genetic-Mathematical Study in Families of Probands with Uterus Cancer in Chernovtsy Region
Korsshikov I.I., Bychkov S.A.
Comparative Analysis of Genetic Variability in Two Groups of Pinus pallasiana D.Don. Trees Differing in Degree of Pollutant Damaging in Plantations of Mariupol City
Klymchuk D.O.
Variation of Ultrastructural Organization of Mitochondria in Cells of Pea In Vitro
Kozhukhova N.E., Sivolap Yu.M.
"Hybridity" Determination in Maize Simple Hybrids by the SSR-PCR Method
Balashova I.A., Sivolap Yu.M., Fait V.I., Stelmakh A.F.
Application of the RAPD-Method for Creation of DNA-Markers to Vrn Genes
Boubriak I., Kostyuk O., Naumenko V., Matorina A., Grodzinskyy D.
Iradiation as a Test-Factor for Revealing Dark DNA Repair Capacity in Seeds
Satarova T. N.
Alien Genes Transfer and Inheritance under Genetic Transformation in Maize
Antonyuk M.Z., Ternovskaya T.K.
Using of Genomic in situ Hybridization for Genetic Studying of Common Wheat Triticum aestivum L. and Its Close Relatives