TSitologiya i Genetika, 2002, no. 2

Dvornyk A. S., Pererva T. P., Kunakh V. A.
Screening of Preparations Derived from the Tissue Culture of Herbs for the Antimutagenic Activity in the Escherihia coli – Bacteriophage λ System
Buloychik A. A., Voluevich E. A., Mikhno A. M.
Genome and Plasmon Effects on Expression of the Defeated Genes of Resistance to Brown Rust in Wheat
Kuzemenskiy A. V., Eremenko V. V.
Pleiotropic Effects of the Gene bl and its Practical Usage in Tomato Selection
Pariy Ya. F.
Investigation of the Major Genes of the Cariopsis Aleurone Layer Colour in the Maize Lines Genotypes
Litvinenko N.A., Adamovskaya V.G., Molodchenkova O.O, Motsny I.I.
Genetic Resistance of Wheat to Fusarium Root Rot and its Relation with Trypsin Inhibitor Activity in Seeds
Oblap R. V., Zwierzchowski L., Malienko V. A., Glazko V. I.
Comparative Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Red Polish Cattle in Poland and Ukraine
Gerasymenko V. V.
Immunogenetic Structure of the Pig Herd of Ukrainian Steppe White Breed with Respect to the Frequency of Complex Genotypes in Connection with Some Parameters of Productivity
Siratskyy I. Z., Fedorovych E. I.
Genetic Polymorphism of the Blood and Milk Enzymes and Proteins and Their Association with the Economically Valuable Traits of Black-and-White Cattle of the Western Region of Ukraine
Berezovska O. P.
Features of Fetal Bone Organ Culture Development under Space Flight Conditions
Lukash L. L.
Destabilization of Cellular Genome under the Influence of Expression of Early Regulator Genes of Oncoviruses