TSitologiya i Genetika, 2014, no. 2

Lytvyn D.I., Syvura V.V., Kurylo V.V., Olenieva V.D., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.
Creation of transgenic sugar beet lines expressing insect pest resistance genes cry1C and cry2A
Bukreyeva N.I., Belousov A.A., Sivolap Yu.M.
Allele structure of polymorphic loci of maize lines and hybrids and its correlation with heterosis level
Gholizadeh A.
Maltose­binding protein switches programmed cell death in Nicotiana glutinosa leaf cells
Ovrutska I.
Callose content in cell walls of leaf epidermis and mesophyll in Alisma plantago­aquatica L. plants growing in different conditions of water supply
Konotop Ye.O., Kovalenko M.S., Ulynets V.Z., Meleshko A.O., Batsmanova L.M., Taran N.Yu.
Phytotoxicity of colloidal solutions of metal­containing nanoparticles
Kumar G., Dwivedi K.
Induced polyploidization in Brassica campestris L. (Brassicaceae)
Mikhalenko A.P., Krupnova E.V., Chakova N.N., Chebotareva N.V., Demidchik Yu.E.
Evaluation of connection of combinations of polymorphic variants of genes of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes with a predisposition to lung cancer
Vdovychenko Zh.V., Sytnyk K.S., Stupak I.Yu., Spyrydonov V.G., Melnychuk S.D., Melnychuk M.D., Parii M.F.
Molecular-genetic polymorphism of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars detected with aflp method
Isayenkov S.V.
Plant vacuoles: physiological roles and mechanisms of vacoular sorting and vesicular trafficking